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''Higher Ground' - Dennis Siggery & Neil Sadler

Out now - the latest album from Dennis Siggery & Neil Sadler!


Dennis and Neil were the creative force behind the classic Eric Street Band albums, from the 'Eric Street Band Live' through to 'Across The Board'.


This is the follow-up to their previous album, Higher Ground and it's available here, now, on CD via the Paypal button, and on download via the Bandcamp link. Watch these two brand new videos and check out our first review - from Eric Campfens of BarnOwlBlues in The Netherlands....


"I Paid The Price" - from the forthcoming album, "Testify"


"You're Gonna Know My Name" - from the forthcoming album, "Testify"


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Our first review - from Eric Campfens of BarnOwlBlues in The Netherlands...

"Wokingham based singer and guitarist Dennis Siggery and his mate, guitarist/keyboardist Neil Sadler, have been musical partners for decades. Both are founders of the Eric Street Band and Sadler also contributed to several of Siggery's solo projects. In 2020 their first album together was released, “Half & Half”, which was followed a year later by “Higher Ground”. Both albums were well received by critics and audience alike and received significant airplay.


And now the duo's third album has been released, containing ten of their own songs. The album was recorded at Neil Sadler's own No Machine Studio in Wokingham and produced entirely by himself. Anyone who knows their work knows more or less what to expect, namely solid blues. Still, it is a bit of a surprise when the first notes sound. The opener “Baby Baby” initially reminded me of something from the Alan Parsons Project. Until Neil's raw and bluesy guitar sounds and Dennis' unmistakable hoarse voice make it clear that it really has to do with Sadler and Siggery. From the second song "Well Well" the electronics have been pushed to the background and it opens with a beautiful acoustic slide guitar and the listener imagines himself in the Mississippi Delta.


The guys take us on a beautiful musical journey through blues and blues rock, ranging from raw rock to beautiful ballads. Solid work like the title track “Testify” and the “Going To The River” carried by the slide guitar are alternated with the thoughtful “I Paid The Price” and the very beautiful ballad “Whichever Way The Wind Blows”, for me the pinnacle of the album. Special are the two versions of “Leave It All Behind”, an electric and an acoustic, the latter version being my favorite, partly because of Sadler's beautiful guitar playing. In short, another excellent album by Siggery and Sadler, recommended."

Higher Ground

''Higher Ground' - Dennis Siggery & Neil Sadler

This is the follow-up to our previous album, Half & Half. We just had to do this due to the great feedback we received from the music press in our area - voting Half & Half one of the best albums in 2020. It had a great review on Blues Matters and got played on lots of blues internet radio stations.


So we wrote and recorded Higher Ground between July and December last year (2020), but because of the next Covid lockdown this year we were unable to do the mix until this April.


There are 10 brand new tracks that we've written, and Neil has been honing his slide guitar skills during the lockdown so expect some down and dirty riffs and hard-hitting rhythms. We've had some great reviews already - check them out below.


We’ve tried to bring back your smile in these very sad and dark days with some up-tempo blues-rock designed to lift up your spirits!


Dennis Siggery
April 2021


Check out the video for the title track "Higher Ground" - scroll down for more videos...

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"This is the follow up to last year's excellent 'Half & Half' album, and I think these two experienced campaigners have surpassed it in spades. Ten originals that display the subtle writing skills of Dennis and the musicality of Neil delivered with aplomb. The atmospheric swirl of deep blues is there from the opening notes of 'Hanging Around', a superb choice as opening track. Dennis has a very distinctive voice, hints of Cocker but more soulful. 'Higher Ground' is next, written, as was the whole album, through lockdown. At six minutes plus this opus takes its time to engulf you, never rushed, space for the resonator playing to implant itself into your brain.


The intro to 'Gypsy Woman' has a retro feel before Dennis tells the true tale of his encounter with the fortune teller in a caravan. 'Call Me' is the most clearly inspired by lockdown tune, but a writer as good as Dennis takes the story of loneliness and isolation to a much broader area, aligned with the superb sparse arrangement makes this another memorable song that stays with you. 'Baby Where's Your Pride' is a breakup song of high order, while 'Gambling Man' warns of the dangers of addiction. 'The Reason Why' is kind of autobiographical and tells how Dennis found and was inspired by that greatest of all addictions, the Blues! 'The Letter' isn't the old Box Tops number, but based on a true event involving a white van man.


'Like People Like You' is another atmospheric long blues inspired by the actions of those in power, the lyrics heartfelt and backed with twisted dark blues playing. I love the way Dennis never needs to scream or shout to get his message across, it's all in the lyric and the delivery. Closing track, 'I Believe In Rock N Roll' is a statement of intent that the guys have given up the average career path to follow the dream and often hard journey of being musicians. I for one am glad they have. I highly recommend this album, it's timeless and simply high quality throughout."


Steve Yourglivch, 'Blues Matters' magazine



"Singer and guitarist Dennis Siggery from Wokingham, UK, and his buddy, guitarist/keyboardist Neil Sadler, have been each other's musical partners for decades. Both are founders of the Eric Street Band and Sadler has also contributed to several of Siggery's solo projects. Last year they released their first album together, “Half & Half”, which was well received by both critics and public and received a lot of airplay on internet radio in particular.


After the first Corona wave of 2020, the guys put their heads together again and wrote the material for the successor. These songs were recorded in Sadler's own No Machine Studio, but due to the second Coronawave this year, the whole could not be mixed until April. The result titled “Higher Ground” is now available. The album contains ten songs written by Siggery and Sadler. Next to them we hear bassist Ed Sterling and drummer Matt Edwards..


Musically, we are in the middle of melodic blues rock here. Sturdy at times, modest where necessary and always well executed. Bass and drums keep things tight, while keys and guitars go about their business. Sadler's slide playing and Siggery's unmistakable husky voice are especially prominent. The ten generally uptempo songs swing like no other and it's hard to sit still. Songs that deserve a special mention in my opinion are the opener "Hangin' Around", which immediately sets the tone, the swinging "Like People Like You" and my favorite, the lingering "Call Me" with beautiful guitar work. A more than excellent CD."


Eric Campfens, 'BarnOwlBlues' online Blues pages

Half & Half

''Half & Half' - Dennis Siggery & Neil Sadler

This new album wasn't on my agenda, but I hadn't been very well for several months and the doctor sent me to the hospital for a scan. I got a letter back a few days later telling me to come back and see us ASAP. Scary stuff - I thought this could be my lot, so I just had to write and record one last song! This turned out to be 'Don't Want Your Tears' - I wanted to leave this message behind in the words to those who said, "Why are you still recording and writing at your age?"


I took the song to the studio and played it to Neil and he wrote and arranged the music - it turned out so good we had to put it down. And I didn't die, so we recorded some more! The album was going to be half originals and half covers, but we wrote too many good new songs, so we ended up with 6 originals and 4 covers. Here's Steve Yourglivch, who presents the blues show on Mark Skin Radio, to tell you about it....


"Dennis and Neil have a history of working together going back many years, mostly on several Eric Street Band releases. Anyone familiar with that band will know that Dennis has a distinctive style of delivery and that he writes songs that are from the heart, often based on experience and sung with honesty and integrity.


Inspired by a bout of ill health Dennis wrote the words to opener 'Don’t Want Your Tears' and once Neil had added and arranged the music the album took on a life of its own. The original plan was to have half originals and half covers that meant something special to Dennis, but the writing got so good that in the end there was only room for four covers. Don’t Want Your Tears is a bold statement of intent coming in at 9 minutes plus, a wistful atmospheric intro with Dennis vocalising into words that in his heart he is a musician by choice and wouldn’t have led his life any other way despite the knocks and set-backs.


'Voodoo Woman' bursts out of speakers next, a lovely Southern rock feel pinned down by Ed Sterling and Matt Edwards on bass and drums. 'The Cat Done Got My Tongue' is one of my favourites. I’m sure all us guys have got tongue tied in the presence of beauty at some time. Next is first of the covers, 'Little Red Rooster'. This more akin to the original with a New Orleans style piano provided by Francisco Talabartero adding some Louisiana flavouring, tasty.


'Unchain My Heart' has another atmospheric intro that drifts behind the drums and vocals. A tale of lost love originally recorded by Ray Charles that draws you into the story. 'Money Can’t Buy Me' is a great song, who can fail to smile at lines like, "I buy my clothes on the Old Kent Road, I don’t like the look of Saville Row". 'Handbags and Gladrags' wasn’t a cover I would’ve expected but the boys make it their own and it fits perfectly into the theme running through the album. 'It’s Gonna Rock Your Soul' is an original that was inspired by BB King's 'Rock Me Baby'. The album closes with 'Knocking On Heaven's Door' with an added final verse by Dennis after he heard this played at a friends funeral and felt something extra needed to be said.


I can’t recommend this highly enough, great songs well played and produced from the heart. No half measures here!"


Steve Yourglivch, Mark Skin Radio


Check out the video for the track "Don't Want Your Tears" - scroll down for more videos...

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"Dennis Siggery (vocals) and Neil Sadler (Guitar) are UK based musicians who have played in a number of Blues Rock bands over the years including the Eric Street Band. On this album the pair are joined by Bassist Ed Sterling and Drummer Matt Edwards to create a full band sound.


The opening self written track, Don’t Want Your Tears, is a real tour de force. It starts with a quiet guitar sound that grows in strength sounding very similar to the Clapton work on the Edge of Darkness TV Theme, before Dennis cuts in with a restrained emotional vocal. Towards the end of the song Neil Sadler lays down some tasty lead guitar leaving you with nine minutes of pure joy…. yes, I liked this track!


There are four covers on the album which I presume is reference to the album title, of these Dylan’s Knocking On Heavens Door is the pick of the bunch which benefits from Dennis adding an additional verse to the original, while this is essentially a Blues Rock album there is no excessive volume highlighting the exceptional musicianship on show. The band do tackle a variety of styles on the album from out and out rockers on tracks Voodoo Woman and Rock and Roll Band to more pastoral sounds on songs Unchain My Heart and the aforementioned Knocking On Heavens Door, either style suits Dennis’s vocals perfectly as he has a unique surly huskiness to his voice that transcends these styles, while Neil’s lead guitar tone is sublime throughout.


A very enjoyable album by two creative artists who would probably struggle in their own right but together they are a dynamic pairing who make excellent music."


Adam Blacklee, 'Blues Matters' magazine

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