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Half & Half

''Half & Half' - Dennis Siggery & Neil Sadler

This new album wasn't on my agenda, but I hadn't been very well for several months and the doctor sent me to the hospital for a scan. I got a letter back a few days later telling me to come back and see us ASAP. Scary stuff - I thought this could be my lot, so I just had to write and record one last song! This turned out to be 'Don't Want Your Tears' - I wanted to leave this message behind in the words to those who said, "Why are you still recording and writing at your age?"


I took the song to the studio and played it to Neil and he wrote and arranged the music - it turned out so good we had to put it down. And I didn't die, so we recorded some more! The album was going to be half originals and half covers, but we wrote too many good new songs, so we ended up with 6 originals and 4 covers. Here's Steve Yourglivch, who presents the blues show on Mark Skin Radio, to tell you about it....


"Dennis and Neil have a history of working together going back many years, mostly on several Eric Street Band releases. Anyone familiar with that band will know that Dennis has a distinctive style of delivery and that he writes songs that are from the heart, often based on experience and sung with honesty and integrity.


Inspired by a bout of ill health Dennis wrote the words to opener 'Don’t Want Your Tears' and once Neil had added and arranged the music the album took on a life of its own. The original plan was to have half originals and half covers that meant something special to Dennis, but the writing got so good that in the end there was only room for four covers. Don’t Want Your Tears is a bold statement of intent coming in at 9 minutes plus, a wistful atmospheric intro with Dennis vocalising into words that in his heart he is a musician by choice and wouldn’t have led his life any other way despite the knocks and set-backs.


'Voodoo Woman' bursts out of speakers next, a lovely Southern rock feel pinned down by Ed Sterling and Matt Edwards on bass and drums. 'The Cat Done Got My Tongue' is one of my favourites. I’m sure all us guys have got tongue tied in the presence of beauty at some time. Next is first of the covers, 'Little Red Rooster'. This more akin to the original with a New Orleans style piano provided by Francisco Talabartero adding some Louisiana flavouring, tasty.


'Unchain My Heart' has another atmospheric intro that drifts behind the drums and vocals. A tale of lost love originally recorded by Ray Charles that draws you into the story. 'Money Can’t Buy Me' is a great song, who can fail to smile at lines like, "I buy my clothes on the Old Kent Road, I don’t like the look of Saville Row". 'Handbags and Gladrags' wasn’t a cover I would’ve expected but the boys make it their own and it fits perfectly into the theme running through the album. 'It’s Gonna Rock Your Soul' is an original that was inspired by BB King's 'Rock Me Baby'. The album closes with 'Knocking On Heaven's Door' with an added final verse by Dennis after he heard this played at a friends funeral and felt something extra needed to be said.


I can’t recommend this highly enough, great songs well played and produced from the heart. No half measures here!"


Steve Yourglivch, Mark Skin Radio


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"Dennis Siggery (vocals) and Neil Sadler (Guitar) are UK based musicians who have played in a number of Blues Rock bands over the years including the Eric Street Band. On this album the pair are joined by Bassist Ed Sterling and Drummer Matt Edwards to create a full band sound.


The opening self written track, Don’t Want Your Tears, is a real tour de force. It starts with a quiet guitar sound that grows in strength sounding very similar to the Clapton work on the Edge of Darkness TV Theme, before Dennis cuts in with a restrained emotional vocal. Towards the end of the song Neil Sadler lays down some tasty lead guitar leaving you with nine minutes of pure joy…. yes, I liked this track!


There are four covers on the album which I presume is reference to the album title, of these Dylan’s Knocking On Heavens Door is the pick of the bunch which benefits from Dennis adding an additional verse to the original, while this is essentially a Blues Rock album there is no excessive volume highlighting the exceptional musicianship on show. The band do tackle a variety of styles on the album from out and out rockers on tracks Voodoo Woman and Rock and Roll Band to more pastoral sounds on songs Unchain My Heart and the aforementioned Knocking On Heavens Door, either style suits Dennis’s vocals perfectly as he has a unique surly huskiness to his voice that transcends these styles, while Neil’s lead guitar tone is sublime throughout.


A very enjoyable album by two creative artists who would probably struggle in their own right but together they are a dynamic pairing who make excellent music."


Adam Blacklee, 'Blues Matters' magazine

Dennis Siggery Solo

Sun Street

'Sun Street' - Dennis Siggery

This album was never planned. I wanted to write some new songs to include on a box set to celebrate 20 years back in music. But the songs just kept coming, so Neil and I decided to make a new album!

Here it is, called ‘Sun Street’, named after the street where I was born. My dad and his family lived in the same house. The songs are based on my life as a kid living in the east end of Reading, and are about my family, my life as a mod in the sixties, and the clubs, the women and all those good times.

It’s not based on any one music genre. The songs have bits of soul, rock, blues & pop. I tried to capture the mood of the times in the music.

Yes, I love this album. It was never planned - it just evolved. And you can buy it now - in high quality Digipak packaging!

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"Dennis Siggery is a UK guitarist and songwriter with over two decades of experience and around over twenty previous releases under his belt. Here, he has a reflective glance back over his shoulder to his days as a youthful mod in Reading. It comes as little surprise with this background that Siggery has strong hints of many of the slicker, old UK 80s punk-rockers in his sights and sound, with suggestions of the likes of the evergreen Paul Weller evident in the mix.


With all nine-tracks written by Siggery, he successfully blends blues, rock, roots, soul and even pop music without ever being trapped in any one single genre. Whether that’s a successful blend, is up to the individual listener to decide. I, for one, reckon he pulls off the balancing act with clear quality and ability, making this an album worth considering for sure.


Siggery describes the album as having come about by evolution, rather than deliberate clinical planning, and is joined by some of his oldest musical buddies, Neil Sadler on guitars, keys and backing vocals; Ed Sterling on bass, and Matt Edwards on drums. As the frontman of the Eric Street Band, Siggery brings a worthy talent and bags of exited experience to the project, giving the album an overall rounded quality that compliments his gritty vocal delivery perfectly."


Iain Patience, 'Blues Matters' magazine

The Newtown Boy Revisited

The Newtown Boy Revisited - Dennis Siggery

This a concept album based on my life as the Newtown Boy. I was born in a working class area in East Reading. I married a middle class girl from the posh village of Sonning and my life changed. I became a sales director for a local removal company, had a five-bedroom house and sent my children to private schools. But I woke up one day, turned my back on my life and went back to my roots.

The story is based on my life with my ex-wife and all the women that came after. It’s not a true reflection but close to how it was. I hope you enjoy the stories. Some of the songs are new, some I recorded way back in my rock days, but they have been revisited.


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