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'Mod Memories' by Dennis Siggery & Henry Smithson

Dennis has written another book, "Mod Memories"...

It was the swinging 60s, and Britain was just catching on to the Blues, R&B and Jazz sounds that were coming in from the USA. Pirate radio was starting up, playing the music that the BBC didn’t. Young musicians were forming bands to play this music in their own new British way, and Mod was the new look.


Music and fashion came together in London, where clubs like the Flamingo, Scene and Ronnie Scott’s were feeding the new sounds to the youth.

Dennis was a Mod in Reading, jumping the milk train on a Friday night to go ‘Up West’ - because being a Mod was all about living for the weekend and being part of the scene - the music, the clothes, the girls, and the little blue tablets..."


Click on the picture to find it on Amazon. Ebook £3.99, Paperback £6.99. Ebook works on Kindle Fire models, and on the free Kindle App - available for Windows, Mac, Android or IOS. Or buy the paperback! Also available outside the UK in territories where Amazon has a local URL.

New but old! 'SONGS FROM THE BASEMENT' - archive tracks from the days before Eric Street!

Dennis says, "Right now I'm writing a new Eric Street album with guitarist Gordon. But I've also been looking back at what I was doing before ESB, and I realised that there were a lot of great songs among the tracks I did between 1996-2005 - before I started playing the Blues with the ESB.They range from rock to pop with a bit of chilled reggae, and they were co-written with Trevor Short and recorded in his Rock Factory studio in Cirencester. It's not the blues, but you might just like it!"

These 15 remastered tracks are only available as downloads on Bandcamp at a special price of £5 for the whole album or 50p per track. Check it out!

'Eye Of The Storm' The Eric Street Band

The latest ESB album is 'EYE OF THE STORM'. You can buy it in the CD Shop - and downloads are available on Bandcamp & Amazon Music. Check out the video, 'Child Of Yesterday" and others on the Videos page!

Here's part of the review in 'Blues Matters'...


"...Yet again I have found a band who are far too original, inventive, and talented not to be enjoying seriously big success. I can only hope that someone puts them out on the road with a major draw so more people can enjoy their wonderful sound and style. Buy this album and see this band, I insist!"


Andy Hughes, Blues Matters - August/September 2019 - full review is on the Reviews page.

'Testify' Dennis Siggery & Neil Sadler

It's out now! 'TESTIFY' - the latest album from Dennis Siggery & Neil Sadler!

Dennis and Neil were the creative force behind all the classic Eric Street Band albums, from the 'Eric Street Band Live' through to 'Across The Board'. This is the follow-up to their previous album, 'Higher Ground'. Click Dennis & Neil Albums to watch two new videos, 'I Paid the Price' and 'You're Gonna Know My Name'. There's also a great review of the album, and of course you can buy the CD via the Paypal link, and downloads via Bandcamp.


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