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New Eric Street Band Albums

Eye Of The Storm

'Eye Of The Storm' The Eric Street Band

The idea for this album came about over a year ago when Gordon and I decided to do a follow up to the ‘Purple Passage’ album. We both wanted to take the music in a different direction, so we got together nearly every week to put our ideas in to action. We came up with lots of new songs, but not all of them ended up on this album - we just chose what we thought worked best for the listening journey that we wanted to take you on.

It’s hard to put this album into any one category - it’s got blues, rock, country and even hard punk rock. It’s different to ‘Purple Passage’ but it all fits together with my words and vocals, and the musical contribution of Gordon and the band. As before it’s Gordon on guitars & keyboards, Henry on bass and Adam on drums. We have great groove and musical understanding, and in all the years I’ve been back in music these are the best guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with as a band!

Check out the 3 videos from the album on the VIDEOS page - 'Time Bomb', 'When Rock 'N' Roll Came To Me', and 'Man With No Name'...

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Clip from Review in Blues Matters, Aug/Sept 2019. See Reviews page for full text.


"...Yet again I have found a band who are far too original, inventive, and talented not to be enjoying seriously big success. I can only hope that someone puts them out on the road with a major draw so more people can enjoy their wonderful sound and style. Buy this album and see this band, I insist!"


Andy Hughes, Blues Matters

Purple Passage

'Purple Passage' The Eric Street Band

Dennis says, "This is the first album from new line-up of the Eric Street Band - new line-up of fantastic musicians - and a brand new album - I think it's the best album yet!


Check the VIDEOS page, where you'll find videos for 'I Like What I See', 'Ruby's Bar', 'Payback Time' and the epic 'Stop, Take A Listen'.


The album features 9 great new songs written by myself and guitarist Gordon Vaughan, plus 4 extra Bonus Tracks - over 65 minutes of music in total, presented in high quality Digipak packaging!"


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Clip from Review in Blues Matters, 2017. See Reviews page for full text.


"...Their sound is most certainly blues based but without it being a blues album, with soul, rock and even a little country included in their sound. What is not in question is their musical ability, Gordon is most certainly a very able player, his solos being both empathic and aggressive as needed. The music changes from the heavy rock sound of 'I Like What I See' through the funky beat of 'Ruby’s Bar', the polished blues of 'I’m Coming Home' and 'Payback Time' to the smooth sound of 'Jack The Lad', a gentle ballad suited to dance floor intimacy.


My favourite track is 'Stop, Take A Listen' which opens as a mournful blues before breaking out into a full tilt boogie with Gordon playing screaming slide before returning to the fully controlled slow blues. The band has previously been described as “...mature, polished and well produced”, all of which I totally concur."

Blues Matters magazine UK

Albums from the old Eric Street Band lineup

20 Years Ago Today

'20 Years Ago Today' The Eric Street Band

This is a LIMITED EDITION COMPILATION to celebrate my 20 years involvement back in the music biz - 16 of the most popular tracks from my partnership with Neil Sadler in the Eric Street Band and my solo albums over the years - presented in high quality Digipak packaging!


If you're not familiar with the Eric Street Band, here's a great way to start. Or if you've got a friend or relation who hasn't heard us yet, give them a pressie for Christmas!


The last 20 years have been full on - and I’ve no plans to stop now. I love making music, and had some great reviews over the years, so I’ll keep on keeping on. Expect the follow-up to 'Purple Passage' in the new year.


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Across The Board

'Across The Board' The Eric Street Band

This is the 10th album by the Eric Street Band and I wanted this to be different from the others. ‘Across the Board’ is not a blues album. It’s blues-based but incorporating different styles from Soul, Blues, Rock and even Country. As always, the songs come from experiences in my life, including a song about my late mother, to say to her the things I never had the chance to tell her in her short life. Neil and I have really gone to town on the writing, playing and production on this one!


Get a sneak preview on the VIDEOS page - videos for 'You Keep On Running' and 'Gimme My Shoes'.


I'm taking time now out so that I can concentrate on the new line-up of the Eric Street Band. Neiil and I have spent several years in the studio, recording 10 ESB albums and 4 Dennis Siggery albums. We've played many gigs supporting some big names in the music industry, and had some great times and made great albums. In my short time since coming back into music I’ve made 18 albums altogether and written most of the songs, but now I need some time out. I’m looking forward to playing the blues circuit again with the new band, playing to smaller venues, and having fun with less pressure on me. Watch out for an album by the new band!

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The Blues Collection Vol. 1 & 2

'The Blues Collection Vols 1 & 2' The Eric Street Band

After recording Vol.1 and listening to it several times and getting some great feedback, I thought - what would our own songs sound like alongside these blues classics?


So we decided to make a double album Vol.1 and 2, mixing up our songs alternately with the covers from the previous album. So now you've got the choice of purchasing just Vol. 1 - or this double album with all the classics from Vol.1 plus a mixture of new recordings and selections of our back catalogue, some re-recorded and remixed.


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The Blues Collection

'The Blues Collection' The Eric Street Band

This is album number 8 from the Eric Street Band and our first album where we've covered some of our favourite blues classics. It’s been a real learning curve for us as we’d never played some of these songs before. Wherever possible we’ve tried to be faithful to the original artists’ recordings as a sort of homage to them.


The cover album idea came after the 'Stormy Monday' track from our last recording 'Shades of Blue' received critical acclaim in the U.S. We’ve included it again in this collection to keep everything neat and tidy! (we recorded that track as a tribute to Mr Bobby (Blue) Bland who died last year).


Earlier this year I was mentioned in a new book by Paul Anderson “Mods, the New Religion”. I was a DJ in a Mod club in Reading back in the 60’s and I used to play the original vinyl records of some of the songs we’ve chosen for the album!


There is one original track on the album 'Hey! Big Guy'. This track was included as a tribute to “Sailor John” the man who founded the Wallingford Blues Festival. Incidentally this was the track that started off the Siggery/ Sadler partnership and eventually led to the formation of the Eric Street Band!

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Shades Of Blue

'Shades Of Blue' The Eric Street Band

This album is number 7 from ESB since 2008. The band has had many great reviews over the years, and the 'Company Man' album was voted best album by Blues in Britain. The band has also had various songs in internet charts in the USA and in the UK. The new album, as the title says, is shades of the blues, with a very strong rock element and various other forms of music.


All songs were written by the band with the exception of one track, 'Stormy Monday Blues'. This song was, in a way, a tribute to my one all-time favourite singer that passed this year - Bobby Bland. Bobby recorded this song way back - to me the best version of this T-Bone Walker classic. The album took over a year to record, and we wrote a number of songs that never made the album


The bonus video track is of one of the songs, 'Tierra Madre'. This song and video came about when our USA manager, Diana Swens, took some pictures of the Tierra Madre horse sanctuary, and the owner, Jim Gath, said he would love a song to be written about it. Diana sent me some background details of the Sanctuary and we wrote the song. Diana put the video together, and the song reached number three in the Reverbnation Chart in USA.


We hope you, the listener, get as much pleasure from listening to the album as we got recording it!


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V (The Love Album)

'V (the love album)' The Eric Street Band

This is the 5th studio CD from the Eric Street Band. The album was never planned, it just evolved.


Last summer a new lady moved into the flat above me. We became friends and lovers. She was the inspiration for many new songs based on her life and our time together.


The songs are a mixture of different styles - blues, soul and even a touch of jazz.


In all the years I've been writing, I'd never written a love song. Now here's an album full!


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Company Man

'V (the love album)' The Eric Street Band

This tells the story of a man who strived and succeeded to increase his company's profits. But in so doing, he spent all his time working, to the detriment of his relationship, and as a result of never being at home, his partner had an affair behind his back.


The news of this sends him on a downward spiral, affecting his sales. But the company had no sympathy and made his life hell. Despite all his loyalty and promises made, the management called him in one afternoon and told him to pack up his desk and leave.


Having no job he now had to plead with his partner to stick with him, but she chose to walk away. He now has to question his sanity and the crazy dreams he is having - how can he continue living this way?


His life is now confined to staying at home, the same mundane life, feeling sorry for himself, waiting for that call that never comes. Then one day he realises that all is not lost, his mind is now set, and he tells himself 'Yes I am on my way back!' Stepping out outside, it's the start of a new day, all is peaceful and calm, you don't need money for what you see and it's all for free.


Each song tells this story. 'Company Man' is not about my life, but it could be yours? This, I believe, is the first time that a concept album has been compiled in blues format.


This is the blues - this is life, living in today's world - this is the fifth album from the Eric Street Band.


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Clip from review in Blues in Britain, April 2011. See Reviews page for full text.


The latest album from the Eric Street Band is another set of tough modern blues, featuring Dennis Siggery on vocals and Neil Sadler on guitar. They are backed by Edward Sterling on bass and Andy Aust on drums.


There are 8 original songs here mainly covering working for 'the man' and redundancy themes - so modern blues for modern times.


As on their previous albums, Dennis' gruff vocals and Neil's spot-on guitar work well together.This is a themed set of songs which gets quite downbeat through the middle of the album but then the final two songs are positive and at ease with the world. An interesting CD and if you enjoyed the bands earlier albums then you should enjoy this one.


Rating: 8 - Jim Greaves, Blues in Britain, April 2011

The Drifter

'The Drifter' The Eric Street Band

This is the album no.4 from the band - a continuation of the studio albums 'Route To The Blues', and 'The Journey'. The album is based on a blues man that travels around the USA playing one-night stands. His life is in the back of his car! These are lines taken from some of the songs.


'I'm A Blues Man' - You don't know what is like to be ignored man - You don't know what it's like not to be adored man - I'm a blues man and I've paid my dues.


'The Drifter' - I may be old but my head is young.


'Back To My Routes' - the grass is green and the chicks were mean, I was so wrong, I was living a dream.


'Brand New Tuxedo' - I'm gonna find myself a woman that's gonna put me in the ground.


'Another Day' - two in the morning in my hotel room, the gig I did tonight couldn't finish too soon.


'The Old Dirt Road' - Don't look back down the old dirt road, I've found my way, it's a brand new start.

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Clip from review in Blues in Britain, July 2010. See Reviews page for full text.


The Album comes burning on the heels of the Eric Street Band's last Studio album 'The Journey'. Lead singer Dennis Siggery croaks, " i've been out on the road " and "The music I play it satisfies my soul ", in a voice equal parts Rod Stewart, Roger Daltrey and a 72 hour bourbon binge. This works flawlessly with Neil Sadler's reverb-heavy slide guitar on the soulful suitcase-life laments that this album has in droves.


They're singing about four British guys doing it in the UK, and that truth makes the image that much stronger. The Eric Street Band is one of the best British Blues Bands around.


Jonathan Madge, Blues in Britain, July 2010

The Journey

'The Journey' The Eric Street Band

The third album by the band, following on from 'Eric Street Live' and the first studio album 'The Route To The Blues'.


This album has a very different approach - the songs are all self-penned, written about life experiences. The instruments used are resonator, acoustic and classical guitars and a ukulele. The drums were played using mainly brushes and the bass was electric, with one track fretless.
We wanted this to sound like an authentic blues album but we also tried some experiments. It paid off and we are really pleased with the results.

The title track 'The Journey' was written about the way bands from the UK such as Cream, Led Zeppelin and the Animals took the blues back across the pond, playing to white Americans.

'The Politicians Lament' is about the way our politicians have been on the take for many years and just got found out. The track, 'Cardboard City', is about people sleeping rough on the streets in London and all of our major cities.

We hope that you get as much enjoyment out of listening to this album as we did making it.


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Review: Blues in Britain – January 2010 See Reviews page for full text.


The Journey is the Eric Street Band’s third album. It sees a return to the studio after the album, 'Eric Street Live'. Breaking from the formula of previous albums, Eric Street Band have peppered this one with a few surprises, most notably a ukulele. Not even this can scuff the surface of filthy, nightclub blues that covers 'The Journey'.


Not for the faint of heart or clear of head, 'The Journey' is a masterpiece of punchy, tobacco-stained blues-rock.


Rating: 8 – Jonathan Madge

The Route To The Blues

'The Route To The Blues' The Eric Street Band

The first studio album from the band - nine songs - eight originals, one cover.


The songs were all taken from life experiences: 'Mr Fat Cat' was written about the bankers that got the world's money markets in the mess they're in today. 'The Habit' is a story told to me by a father about one of his children. 'Sweet Cocaine' is a true story about a high flyer that got into a habit, lost his job and needed to feed his habit. 'The Reality Show' is about the way that most true Musicians feel about reality shows - they're killing our music!

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Clip from Review: Blues Matters! - 2009 See Reviews page for full text.


Looking at the personnel, this is presumably some kind of offshoot of the well known Reading-based Southside Blues Band. I would have to say that this is the most mature, polished and well produced piece of material I have heard thus far from vocalist and co-writer of eight of the nine featured tracks, Dennis Siggery.


If you don’t already have any of Mr Siggery’s material then this is definitely worth a listen.


Thomas Rankin

The Eric Street Band Live

'The Eric Street Band Live' The Eric Street Band

This live album came about when we were recording the Trilogy set - the guys said it would be great to get a band together and do a live album!

So with this in mind Neil and I got together and wrote down some of the great blues songs that we both love to play. In the set we also put in one our own songs, Running On Empty, taken from the Newtown Boy album. We also gave the covers the band treatment.


What a night! The band was great, the fans were great, and made lots of noise that encouraged us to play on and on and on. We took what we felt were the best songs of the night. The band feels that there’s something for everybody that digs the blues.


The band is Neil on lead guitar - blistering solo’s - great blues player; Scott on drums. Neil and Scott have played together for years and it showed! Leon, playing rhythm, is from the USA, a friend of Neil’s cousin who lives there. And also Big Ed on bass, and of course Nigel on harp. Nigel played on the Trilogy albums - not only a great harp player, he also plays a great sax!


I hope you get as much pleasure listening to the album as we did playing the gig. Great night, great sound, great band!

Buy Eric Street Band - LIVE CD for just £6.99 inc. UK postage*

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Clip from the Review: Blues In Britain- 2008 See Reviews page for full text.


This is Dennis Siggery's latest project. There are eleven tracks with ten classics and one of Dennis's own songs from his recent 'Newtown Boy' album....


...This is a good all-round band performance. Gritty, tough vocals allied to some high-energy guitar work. The rhythm section does the business too, particularly powering along the up-tempo numbers. A special mention should go to the rhythm gfuitarist whose riffs and fills were spot-on. The recording quality is excellent with no intrusive crowd noise. If you like blues-rock then this is worth checking out.


Rating: 8 Jim Greaves, Blues in Britain

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