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The Newtown Boy Revisited - Dennis SiggerySun Street

Dennis Siggery

This album was never planned. I wanted to write some new songs to include on a box set to celebrate 20 years back in music.

But, the songs just kept coming, so Neil and I decided to make a new album! Here it is, called ‘Sun Street’, named after the street where I was born. My dad and his family lived in the same house.

The songs are based on my life as a kid living in the east end of Reading, and are about my family, my life as a mod in the sixties, and the clubs, the women and all those good times. It’s not based on any one music genre. The songs have bits of soul, rock, blues & pop. I tried to capture the mood of the times in the music.

Yes, I love this album. It was never planned - it just evolved. And you can buy it now - in high quality Digipak packaging!

Check out the video for the track "Run With The Wind"

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The Newtown Boy Revisited - Dennis SiggeryThe Newtown Boy Revisited

Dennis Siggery

This a concept album based on my life as the Newtown Boy. I was born in a working class area in East Reading. I married a middle class girl from the posh village of Sonning and my life changed. I became a sales director for a local removal company, had a five-bedroom house and sent my children to private schools. But I woke up one day, turned my back on my life and went back to my roots.

The story is based on my life with my ex-wife and all the women that came after. It’s not a true reflection but close to how it was. I hope you enjoy the stories. Some of the songs are new, some I recorded way back in my rock days, but they have been revisited.

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Now & Then - Eric Street & Dennis SiggeryNow & Then

Eric Street & Dennis Siggery

I hope you'll also be interested in this new album of previously unreleased material from The Eric Street Band and my solo back catalogue!

From the Eric Street Band are 3 previously unreleased covers - Handbags & Gladrags, Fever and Knocking On Heaven's Door plus our version of Black Magic Woman.

These are mixed in with 7 specially selected and remastered originals representing the best from my solo period of 1998-9, when I was writing and recording with producer Trevor Short. Tracks include Just Another Day, Forest, City Life and Skin To Skin.

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Monday Morning BluesMonday Morning Blues

What can I say? This is the final album of the trilogy that began with Executive Blues, followed by Newtown Boy. It started when my friend, Sailor John, passed on. I wanted to pay him some respect, John being a Blues man and a real cool dude - we called him Hoochie Coochie Man. He gave my band our first big break by booking us for the Wallingford Blues Festival, and we've since played there four times.

So I wrote the song, Hey Big Man, for him - a line given to me by my guitarist, Barry Walker. From that first song came 30 more originals, all good British Blues - stories of my life, my women, and all the cats that I meet at gigs.

The album title track Monday Morning Blues came about on a Sunday evening after a great weekend. I had to get ready for a Monday morning sales meeting, but f*ck it, I lost my train of thought, picked up my acoustic, came up with a riff and wrote the words. The rest of the album is all songs about my life. I hope you get as much from listening as we did recording it. Great times, man!

Dennis 2008


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Newtown Boy - The Eric Street BandNewtown Boy

Way back in 2008 I had just disbanded my band, the Southside Blues Band, just finished the Executive Blues album and had some great feedback from Blues Matters, who said "one of the best blues album I have listened to this year".

So with this in mind I went straight into this next album, which , looking back, marked a transition between the old band and the Eric Street Band of the later albums listed above.

The inspiration came when I put a picture of me and some mates taken way back in my Mod days on the Reading Memory website. I had lots of people from the past contact me, and that took me back to the place where I’m from - Newtown in East Reading.

Track one - Love Your Brother based on wars and how we in the UK and USA became the world police.

Track two - based on girl at work, she was so in need of a Love Doctor.

Track three - Newtown Boy came to me in middle of the night, it's about Sun Street in Newtown, and the real people that I grew up with.

Track four - You Can't See Me is a message to my ex.

Track five - everybody get days in their life when they're Running on Empty.

Track six is another about my ex wife.

Track seven is about an ex girlfriend.

Track eight - Same Old Box - my personal favourite off the album - no matter how much money you've got, we all finish up in the same old box!

Track nine is about me.

Track ten is about the record industry and the way they treat old guys like me.

Bonus track is the uncut version of track four.

It's great going back, hope you enjoy it!


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Rock RootsRock Roots

The old rock days started in 1998 when I went to 'Rock Factory' studio in Cirencester to record an album with my band, the Acoustic Blues Band. i loved the sound of heavy guitars and got hooked. I asked the producer, Trevor Short, if he would like to record a solo album with me. Seven rock albums followed!

Until recently I had put all those rock albums behind me, but during a radio interview, DJ Marc Field (on Coast FM, Australia) asked about the old times, so I sent him a sample of my work. He played it on his rock show, Midnight Rock, and the phone never stopped ringing. With this in mind I dusted off the CDs and picked out what I thought were the best tracks. Track 8, although not a rock track, was included after being requested by many people. It's a song written for my disabled son.

I hope you enjoy it. It's been fun going back in time.

Dennis, 2008


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If someone had said 3 years ago that I would make a rock album, I would have shot them down in flames. But here we are, 3 years on, and we have just completed Restless, my first rock album. It took 4 months to make and I've enjoyed every minute of it!

Looking back, over the years, Our Kind Of Blues was my first album - 15 songs made with my old band the Acoustic Blues Band. Then two significant things happened - one, I met Trevor Short, and two, we recorded the album Watch Your Back which changed my thinking of music.

But enough of the past. Working with Trevor on Restless, rock comes easy. I composed all the lyrics, but my words would be nothing without Trevor's music, his playing and production. Special thanks to him!

Dennis, 2000


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